Muve Properties is the highest respected local home buying company in the Greater Salt Lake Valley. Established in 2006 and holding a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau you can rest assured that selling your home will be handled quickly and professionally so you can move on to the next chapter in your life

Who We Are

We are a customer service driven team of experienced real estate home buyers. We offer a personal customer service experience for everyone we work with. Our professional standard and long history in the business is the Muve difference. Using all state approved legal forms and having the proper licences to do business in the state are what sets us apart from the rest of the competition. Not only that but we believe in educating our clients as best as possible and providing valuable knowledge so all your possible concerns area addressed.

Thanks to a team of local real estate experts you can rest assured that all parties are well taken care of in each transaction.

Mission + Vision

Our mission is to offer you a fast and fair offer so we can come to an agreement on the sale of your home and have it be a “win-win” scenario while also allowing you the flexibility to fit whatever needs you need to take care of. “We are aware of our responsibility to the communities we do business in. Our vision is to maintain a positive role in the betterment of these communities.”

We emphasizes on honesty, integrity and respect in every transaction.



    Greg Sneyd

    Greg Sneyd is a well-respected individual with a pure business mind. The success of many companies can be credited to Greg’s drive, motivation and knowledge of how to run a company. These companies include: RMI Dental, multiple One-Off CD Shops, G&M Property Solutions, LLC, and now Muve Properties.

    Greg graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He obtained his designation as a Chartered Accountant (the Canadian equivalent of a CPA). Greg specializes in marketing and investor relations. Greg’s greatest asset is his reputation as an investor. Greg’s clients are the center of attention at all times. By providing reputable services, Greg’s network has grown to involve industry leaders, influences and key decision makers.

    Greg has lived in Utah for 27 years and can also be given credit for raising 3 successful children. Greg is a native to Canada where he met Cathy. Greg’s thorough, ethical business practices ensure the professional market presence that Muve Properties has achieved.

    email / P+ 801-554-1928

    Matthew Sneyd

    Matt Sneyd is a long time running member of the team and is one of the founders of the group back in 2006. At 19 years old, Matt partnered with Greg and created a real estate investment company that started reviving homes all around the Salt Lake Valley. Matt believes in “copying genius, not creating mediocrity” and has learned the real estate business from the industry’s best. Matt’s use of data analysis for property acquisitions gives him a competitive edge. He also specializes in conceptual design work for remodel properties. Matt’s continued education and understanding of the real estate market allows him to hold the competitive advantage clients deserve.

    As a well-rounded, young techy: he brings the fire. With knowledge in investments, buying, selling, renting, commercial and street, you’d probably be surprised to know that that he’s a true outdoorsman at heart, who dips his toes in almost everything our beautiful state of Utah has to offer.

    His personal and business foundation is based upon the principles of honesty, integrity and respect. These values, along with his extensive market knowledge foster the continued success of Muve Properties.

    email / P+ 801-243-7006

    Cody Chamberlain

    Cody Chamberlain is a Licensed Real Estate Agent affiliated with Windermere Real Estate in Salt Lake City. At the age of 21, Cody joined forces with the Sneyd’s and helped create The Muve Group. Cody’s understanding of how a successful business works, coupled with his ability to innovate things to new levels, has created systematization and efficiency and overall company growth. Cody received his Bachelors degree from the University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business in 2015.

    Cody has been a real estate investor since 2010. With his tech-savvy business practices, Cody focuses his expertise on systems, operations and bringing a vision from paper to life. He has the ability to analyze investment deals and effectively oversee internal operations. Cody was awarded Utah Business Magazine’s Twenty in their 20’s award in 2015 at the young age of 26. Cody was born and raised in Salt Lake City.

    With over 100+ home remodels, multiple land / development acquisitions and a handful of new construction projects under his belt, Cody masters any type of real estate transaction. His ability to take a concept to the next level, along with his self-motivated, enthusiastic attitude, has led him to become a top player in the SLC real estate market.

    email / P+ 801-230-5218
    Tim Headshot

    Tim Jones

    Tim is a licensed real estate agent with Windermere Real Estate and represents Muve Properties in all their off market purchases. Tim joins Muve Properties with loads of previous sales experience, a ferocious drive for success and the ability to kick your butt in a cage fight–don’t tempt him. But above all else, Tim is a family man at heart. He has a daughter who is his pride and joy–his sunshine.

    As a valuable addition to our fast growing team, he is focusing his efforts on property acquisitions. Specifically, he heads up our investment acquisitions department and deals directly with off-market properties and sellers that don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling their properties on the Multiple Listing Service.

    The sellers TJ works with can sell their home(s) quickly and easily, while avoiding real estate commissions, escrow fees, title insurance costs, and other closing costs. And to make matters better, Muve Properties is willing to buy with cash and close the deal in less than a week if needed.

    email / P+ 801-633-4512